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Coffee Collectibles

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee, except, perhaps, a good coffee cup. But for people who really love coffee, cups and mugs are just the tip of the iceberg. Coffee collectibles range from antique grinders and mills to vintage percolators and pots to signs and tins advertising brands such as Chase & Sanborn, Fat Boy, and Luzianne. Grinders and pots are particularly rich areas. Coffee grinders in the 19th century ranged from box-type grinders designed to grind coffee from one-to-four servings to wall-mounted grinders, some of which could hold a pound or more of beans at a time. Box grinders usually had brass bowls mounted on top of a hardwood or cast-iron box. The crank perforated the bottom...

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The Vintage Pickers Handbook

What to hunt for: An Excerpt From Our Guide, Available On Amazon For Digital Download Soon. As with anything that you sell, condition is everything. Vintage clothing will always have minor signs of wear and this is expected, but holes, stains, rips, tears, and bad smells are not the features that you are looking for. Occasionally you may find an item that is worth the dry cleaners and worth the repair and spending a little money will pay off in the long run. There are some items that look better with worn or faded features such as an old pair of Converse High-tops or a cool graphic tee and there are buyers that prefer them that way, and this is...

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Men’s Top Ten Casual Clothing Brands for 2015

A list of the ten best American clothing brands reflect America's tastes throughout the years. Several brands currently for sale in the U.S. have a rich history of providing quality clothing for decades while others are relative newcomers to the clothing scene.   Levi Strauss. This American clothing brand is the great granddaddy of the blue denim jeans. Although some of the items are now made in foreign countries and the company no longer operates a plant in its hometown of San Francisco, many of the clothing is still sewn in the American Southwest. Levi is known throughout the world and the popularity of vintage jeans illustrate just how high on the list of the ten best American clothing brands...

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